A Canine and Feline Wellness
Center where Fur-kids are not
spoiled, they are entitled!

Our Tail!

Her name was Magic. When I named her, I never realized just how well she would live up to her name. Magic was my first canine-soul-mate. When Magic became critically ill, determination and motivation lead me to discover an incredible world of fresh, whole, healthy and natural foods and complimentary healing modalities. So, with information regarding pet wellness being limited and experiences behind us, I opened Pet Empawrium. Today, with Olookun and Kismet by my side, Pet Empawrium continues as a place to learn about and share thought on complementary and alternate canine and feline fur-child care.
12393 W. 64th Ave. Arvada, CO
Magical Magic
Duffus Dog Olookun
Bad Dog Kismet
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