A Canine and Feline Wellness Center!
Where fur-kids are not spoiled, they are entitled!

 Welcome! Sit! Stay!

      At Pet Empawrium & Spaw, we feel an obligation to you, our World’s Best Customers, to bring you only the healthiest pet foods by companies whose heart and passion are the backbone of their food lines, and whose ethics and veracity are beyond reproach.
      Each food we recommend must be able to pass our stringent standards and principles to earn a place in our wellness center in the first place. Then they must continue to stand on their own merits. We will not be “sold” on a food. Instead, we will continue to invite foods into our store, not sales reps, as profits, spiffs and perks are never a part of our decision making process. Quality and value are.
       For better or worse, our industry is continually evolving. At Pet Empawrium and Spaw, it is our intention to remain the best of the best and evolve only toward the bettering of our industry. While we are at it, we will better ourselves, our selections and our compassion. Pet Empawrium & Spaw will be a place the industry looks up to and admires.
"Make NO decision out of fear, intimidation, ridicule or acquiescence. Let your philosophies, education, research, conscience, confidence and advocacy be your guide"
~LoriLeigh Moreland